New national altitude record for the UK!

5 January 2021

PROUD MOMENT!!! We would like to formally announce that SunrIde Rocket Team has beaten the UK’s 19 Year Long Standing National Altitude Record!!! 

United Kingdom Rocketry Association has confirmed that our rocket, HELEN, that was launched in Spaceport America which recorded an apogee of 36,274 ft officially holds the number one spot in the UK. The previous record was set back in October 2000 by Project MARS.

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We are a deeply humbled by this honour and we truly appreciate the history and records that were set in the past. We are very proud to have been consistent in breaking boundaries in UK rocketry and are now paving our own path to shape the space industry by creating a stellar talent pool of students through our programme. 

Once again, this wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing student engineers, scientists, academic representatives, technicians, staff members and our corporate sponsors that have collectively helped us to break these boundaries despite only being just under two years since SunrIde’s inception.