After a year of online training and collaboration throughout lockdown, all the work has paid off for our UKSEDS team. 

Following a spectacular launch day in Cambridge, where the team got to see amateurs and professionals alike test their models, the team ended the trip with their own launch - placing 1st in the award category and winning the trophy for Sheffield!

A huge congratulations to everyone who took part on this amazing journey, including those who couldn’t be there for launch, and worked tirelessly up to the last minute to ensure the rocket was set for success.

Thanks to Paulina Adzgauskaite, Louis Garrard, Emma Patterson, Cédric Vandeputte, Lawrence Jones, Abdel Alomari, Georgios Rontogiannis, Dana Arabiyat, Mohammad Askari, Sebastiano Zuddas, Ashley Shaw, Colm M Greany, Kavini Induruwa, Jaimee Patel, Thomas Birch, all of the supervisors and engineers who facilitated the training, including Zefy Pissaki, Jakub Mech, Jacob Lawson, Viktor Fedun, Peter Mylon, MarkRJones and Richard Wilkinson, and to all other University of Sheffield staff who made this possible; the ACSE team, Alumni Fund and FoF.