Project SunFire is a subsidiary of the Sheffield University Rocket team 'Project SunrIde', is working to develop a 3.5kN regeneratively cooled liquid rocket engine for SunrIde's rockets. 

The SunFire team have built a 3.5 kN regeneratively cooled liquid rocket engine, ready for a hot fire test scheduled for July 2022. The engine is made of 3D printed inconel. Hot firing in 2023, this engine would become the first student-built regeneratively cooled rocket engine of its type in the UK. 

The project team consists of 15 final year project students as of 2022 supervised by University Teacher Dr. Alistair John and PhD researcher Nicholoy Pestheruwe. 

The long term goal for Project SunFire is to integrate one of its engines into a SunrIde rocket bringing the team to be one of the most technically advanced in Europe.