AMY Rocket launch in first UK representation at Spaceport America Cup

11 July 2018

We completed our first successful launch against a total of 140 teams across the world with an accurate altitude prediction of 99.83% (apogee of 10,017 ft). The Spaceport America Cup awarded Team SunrIde and the University of Sheffield with the best accuracy prediction award at Spaceport America Cup 2018.

Team SunrIde has been recognised as the first team to represent the United Kingdom at the Spaceport America Cup and won one of the most prestigious and competitive awards in the 10,000ft Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS ) category. We’d like to thank the ACSE, SoMaS departments and the entire University of Sheffield along with the United Kingdom Rocketry Association for their endless support and faith in the team! Congratulations to the entire team!

Amy has successfully launched at 2:11 PM Mountain time (9:11 PM UK time). All systems worked perfectly. Now we are departing to the launch site to recover our rocket, and will be located using tracking equipment and GPS coordinates. More videos and photos are upcoming.