The Artemis program is planning to return humans to the moon by its 3rd mission, using the lessons learnt from the Apollo program and other space launches since, to make sure the launch is a success.  Read more

After a year of online training and collaboration throughout lockdown, all the work has paid off for our UKSEDS team.  Read more

We present to you a close-up look at the SunFire engine’s Cold Flow test chamber rising out of its bed of Aluminium powder, housed inside its metal 3D printer.  Read more

In 2019, SunrIde broke the National Open Altitude record reaching 36,274 ft. This achievement made headline news across national and international platforms. We are currently considered the leading UK rocketry team and will be the first to reach space.  Read more

New Year is on and our society UKSEDS team is up to speed finalising the design of their very own rocket to enter the National Rocketry Championship organised by UKSEDS.   Read more

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PROUD MOMENT!!! We would like to formally announce that SunrIde Rocket Team has beaten the UK’s 19 year long standing National Altitude Record!!!  Read more

We completed our first successful launch against a total of 140 teams across the world with an accurate altitude prediction of 99.83% (apogee of 10,017 ft). The Spaceport America Cup awarded Team SunrIde and the University of Sheffield with the best accuracy prediction award at Spaceport America Cup 2018.  Read more